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Team Vaanahaa Education

Vaanahaa is a comprehensive Education Platform and a collaborative learning environment. It is the place for everyone to find the Inspiration, Knowledge, Resources, Innovations & countless contingency they need at their best. With our vision intact we wanted to use technology in education to bring forth a disruptive positive impact, to novitiate Theoretical geniuses into Industry Experts, to make Quality education more accessible.

This is precisely the motto with which Vaanahaa have started a new endeavor. We went about inducting like; minded individuals, who are passionate about technology & education; and see the transformational power of it.

Team members:

  • Satadru Chowdhury , Founder and Director
  • Nabonita Naskar, Co- Founder and Chief Learning Experience Officer
  • Rupkumar Sasmal, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer
  • Vijay Armugum, Head Practical Education Consultant.
  • Souvick Das, Chief Client and Corporate Relation
  • Gourab Santra, Head of Sales - Project Based Learning Program

The team speaks:

“Starting from zero,in less than a year Vaanahaa has customer base of more than 3000 across India and associated with over 30 institutes with the project based curriculum. Vaanahaa closed the FY18-19 with 40-50K revenue per month as an average and in the current financial year they already have crossed the overall revenue generated last FY year and heading towards a 2.5X financial growth.

Our baby has started to crawl the ladder of success. Thanks to constant guidance of its mentors The business model of Vaanahaa is not just only got recognized by the students but also got appreciated by top business houses of Kolkata. Vaanahaa got incubated at TSVPL soon after closing its first financial year with lots of expectations of steady growth and thanks to our Mentor Mr.Ravi Ranjan,Meghdut Roy Chowdhury,Pauline Laravoire who helped us to shape our ideas and execution process even further.As a result from 40-50K month revenue we jumped to almost 2 Lakh per month revenue that too without burning financial resources.Under the mentorship of Mr.Ravi Ranjan,Vaanahaa has developed an “easy to access” online classroom and ready take off further.

Lastly we must say It’s an amazing and dynamic journey at TSVPL and the team associated at Co-Working space who are super supportive and very kind in nature, must be appreciated for maintaining such a beautiful workplace.

Thanks to TSVPL once again for your constant support and Team Vaanahaa wish this relationship last long as this is not just a six month incubation program but a life long bonding.”