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Team Quaxar Technologies

Team Quaxar Technologies has been working on IoT based efficient power solutions, which they foresee would be bringing down the electricity consumption in our daily lives. In the modern world, where energy demand is at its peak, a smart solution to optimise energy consumption is a powerful tool for the human race to progress.

Team members:

  • Sourav Mukherjee, Electronics and Communications Engineering(2018)
  • Amardip Shaw, Electronics and Communications Engineering(2018)
  • Sankhanilam Shaw, Electronics and Communications Engineering(2018)

The team speaks:

“Our journey started at around December 2017 when we were in our final year of our college. Our project was selected among the best projects of the university for the year via ESD and we were elated to join Technopreneurs' Surrogate Ventures as incubatees. There we got to meet a lot of great people who were industry stalwarts and they patiently listened to our queries and answered them accordingly. Coming to our project Electri-Fi, it is an IoT based power solution which can reduce upto 30% of your electric bills. Our mission is to create the best product. We believe in steadiness rather than hasty movements. Stay tuned, be Electri-Fi(ed).”