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Team Oakfort Automotive

Team Oakfort with their deep rooted passion for cars, set sail on their entrepreneurial journey with a mission of sustainability in the automotive industry. The idea of turning your passion to your profession is the driving force behind the exemplary work of the team. Currently the team is working on improving their prototype and obtaining permissions to make their vehicle legal on the road.

Team members:

  • Pranjal Banerjee, Mechanical Engineering(2018)
  • Saurav Kumar, Computer Science Engineering(Final year)

The team speaks:

“It all started with a dream to make cars and a deep rooted fetish for automotives. Our go-kart project was selected as a part of the ESD incubation program . With very little knowledge of entrepreneurship and business,we embarked upon this journey full of crests and throughs and finally on 8th of August 2018, our company got incorporated as Oakfort Automotive Pvt Ltd., with two co-founders Pranjal and Saurav. In the initial months of our incubation program we went through weeks of learning the basics of entrepreneurship, we had weekly sessions conducted, several mentors from all domains came over and shared their knowledge and experiences with us. We went to several competitions, conclaves and seminars. Everytime we have face a low in our motivation or energy levels all it takes is 10 mins with Mr. Meghdut RoyChowdhury. The night before our flight to KL , the whole team was tensed, we were asked by Sir, why are we going to Hult Prize? To which we replied ,”to win”. we were corrected and rightly so that we were going there to learn , experience and grow. Our constant support system has been Ms Rupal Betai , who has been the with us from the very beginning of this team and is still with us everyday. We have made our prototype with fundings from TSVPL and look forward to launch our product in the market soon. We have been recently joined by Mr. Anamitra Ghosh , who takes care to solve our problems and requirements everyday. This has been a very dynamic and eventful journey with TSVPL and we wish this relation lasts long as this is not just a incubation cell. We are a family.”